Fernglen B&B

Fernglen B&B is eco friendly and we are committed to a clean, safe and healthy environment for all of us.

Our sustainable environmental practices are :

* Our guests have the option of reusing their towels
* We use energy efficient light bulbs where practical
* We use products from our veggie and herb garden as well as only free range eggs
* We recycle all our glass, paper, plastics and tin
* We have a water tank which supplies rainwater for use in our vegetable garden
* Our food waste is composted
* We use local goods and contractors where possible to reduce carbon emissions
* We plant native trees and try to eredicate weed in our garden as much as possible

Room Rangi

Room Rangi, sky father & builder of the world


The House

The House surrounded by native bush


Room Tane

Room Tane, the god of the forest


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